Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Winter Is Approaching Fast

Okay folks,
it took me quite a bit for my third post. I’d like to apologize for that. University has started for me and the schedule is less than photography friendly. Not just that university would get into the way, it’s more or less not the weather for photography. The images I pre-visualized for the fall with colorful trees were soon replaced by winterly landscapes. This basically means we have the first snow of the season and before the leaves could actually turn yellow and red, the show was over and it had not even started yet. As much as I look forward to winter and deep powdery snow, I am pretty disappointed to say the least. I still have a lot of pictures to process and to evaluate which to process at all from the past months though and this will keep me quite busy I suppose. Tomorrow I will visit one of my favorite local spots. The shot below is certainly one of my favorites from last year. A cold but fiery sunset at 4000 ft. above the sea level.

Cold Fire

The next two images showcase a spot I also plan to visit more frequently. The basaltic formations offer quite a few compositions and I only have been to this place once for some self portraits and did not really care for the landscape part.


Until next week, happy shooting everybody!

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