Sunday, January 5th, 2014

It’s that time of the year again… Best of 2013

Whew, that year flew by, didn’t it? It seems like yesterday that I have written a blog post, but it’s exactly one year today since my last post. I hope I can keep up that pace over the course of the next 12 months – kidding. I will hopefully post at least a quarterly update with some new images, but until then, follow me on Facebook to never miss the release of new images, some background info and updates on where I am traveling. To keep a long story short, I hope you enjoy the following ten images- They are my personal favorites of 2013 — made in the Pyrenees, Dolomites and Ore Mountains.


As It Begins

As It Begins
Aigüestortes NP, Pyrenees, Spain

Backcountry Bliss

Aigüestortes NP, Pyrenees, Spain

Mountain Summer

mountain summer
Passo Falzarego, Dolomites, Italy

Emerald Waters

Lago di Landro, Dolomites, Italy

Highcountry Pools

Aigüestortes NP, Pyrenees, Spain

The Portal

Aigüestortes NP, Pyrenees, Spain

Blooming Spires

Aigüestortes NP, Pyrenees, Spain

Autumnal Flow

Ore Mountains, Germany

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Lago di Landro, Dolomites, Italy

Peaches and Cream

Lago di Landro, Dolomites, Italy

Thank you for all the patience in the first half of the year when this blog got neglected, for the continued support and the wonderful emails I receive. Here’s to a wonderful Holiday Season to you all out there!


Friday, January 4th, 2013

Have You Seen The Sun?

I don’t know about you, but where I live, I haven’t seen the sun in days. In those dark and rainy days of winter, I like to look at other things that inspire me.

Sleeping Beauty, Karwendel, Bavaria, Garmisch
Geroldsee near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany

Everybody who knows me at least one bit, might have realized that I’m a design nut. I love icon design, user interfaces, conceptual navigation and generally lust after some perfectly crafted pixels. So this post will be dedicated to one of my favorite web apps that just recently received a major update and boasts one of the most stunning implementations of Adam Whitcroft’s (@adamwhitcroft) Climacons.

Welcome, SUN.

Sun Web App 1

Sun is a beautiful weather app designed by Jakob Henner. The previous version was powered by Google’s weather API, which since has been retired. The new Sun rises (mind the pun!) through weather data provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and offers a brand new forecast view, some easy-to-learn gestures, several color themes, sounds and animations.

What I probably love the most about the app, besides the beautiful, hand-crafted pixels, is the fact that depending on the color theme you’ve chosen, the app icon on the homescreen changes its colors too. Loading the new colors takes a little but on those dull, drizzly days, I enjoy those 3 extra seconds to switch from a stunning blue with hints of orange to a bright and sunny egg-yolk.

Sun Web App 2

The forecast view, like the rest of the app, is drop-dead gorgeous. Very subtle gradients, a beautiful grid pattern and a detailed forecast with temperatures and wind speeds for the next couple of days, all revealed with a simple tap.

To install the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, simply browse to: on your iDevice and add it to your homescreen. You won’t regret it.

What is your favorite web app?
Where do you find inspiration?
Let me know in the comments.


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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Black January Sale – Up to 25% Off

First off, happy New Year everyone.

May it be filled with nothing but the best!

To celebrate the beginning of the new year, I’ll have a #blackjanuarysale on prints, canvas gallery wraps and framed prints, running from today till January 31st, 2013. (Wow, that was hard to type.)


The best part is, while the name — a play on the Black Friday sales event before Thanksgiving — might suggest otherwise, this sale is not limited to black and white images. The full range of color prints is at least 20% off, framed 15% off.

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Also, tomorrow I’ll have all images from 2012 that I processed so far added to the galleries. So if you’ve seen an image on 500px or flickr TODAY that you’d like as a print, no problem. They are equally available. Any questions about the sale? Drop me a line at sale (at) davidrichterphotography (dot) com or leave a comment below.


Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Best of 2012 – A Year in Review

Another year in the books – and what a year that was. I was able to pick up where 2010 ended, photographically-speaking; and make up for the missed opportunities in 2011. Now, with the last days of the old year winding down, it’s time to reflect on the past journeys, the people that made it special and the glorious sunsets (and sunrises) I was fortunate to witness along the way and how could this better be done than with some images. Sit back and enjoy the show! (Images are in chronological order as they were shot throughout the year.)


Leave Only Footprints

Leave Only Footprints
Erzgebirge, Germany

Doomsday Caldera

Doomsday Caldera, Hirtstein
Hirtstein, Erzgebirge, Germany

Els Elcantats Rising

Els Encantats rising Through the Fog at Sunrise, Pyrenees, Spain
Aigüestortes National Park, Pyrenees, Spain

Light Guardian

Light Guardian, Pyrenees, Spain
Aigüestortes National Park, Pyrenees, Spain

Seeking Solitude

Seeking Solitude, Pyrenees, Spain
Aigüestortes National Park, Pyrenees, Spain

Dawn of a New Day

Dawn of a New Day, Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy
Manarola, Cinque Terre National Park, Italy

Ethereal Gorge

Ethereal Gorge, Partnach, Bavaria, Germany
Partnach Gorge, Bavaria, Germany

Silent Awakening

Silent Awakening, Classic Bavaria, Alps
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany

The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye
Erzgebirge, Germany

Thank you for all the patience in the first half of the year when this blog got neglected, for the continued support and the wonderful emails I receive. Here’s to a wonderful Holiday Season to you all out there!


Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Instagram – My Take on the New Terms of Service

Yesterday, Instagram, the popular image sharing community with a lot of nifty filters to choose from, announced their new Terms of Service (ToS) and the avalanche of posts of people wanting to delete their accounts that flooded the social media channels was massive, likely to make the largest piece of glacier breaking off ever recorded on film, seen in the ‘Chasing Ice’ documentary, seem like a snowflake tumbling towards the ground. (


I was upset too. In fact, I still am, but I get it – as weird as this may sound. I understand Instagram and Facebook for doing this. Having graduated in International Business and having completed one or the other marketing class in my life, I get it.

Over the past several years, pay per click (PPC) numbers declined (and so did the revenue). The reasons for that are diverse and I don’t want to end up giving a classroom speech here. Instagram, as well as Facebook, much like Google, offer a free service to their users. The ads they display are the essential piece of their revenue. The traffic (people clicking on the ads) they create is monetized and the more relevant the ad is to the user, the more likely he or she is to click on the advertisement.

For marketers and advertisers, photos taken with smartphones are especially valuable. Not because they are pretty or because Instagram is reserving the right to run actual campaigns with the images of the users in it, but rather because they contain specific information about the user in their meta data. Think location data. This information, not possible to be stripped on mobile devices, is then used to target the audience more specifically. In marketing, slicing up your target audience into the finest pieces and then delivering them highly targeted ads is a very complex field.

Oh, @davidrichterphoto just uploaded an image of some drink from xyz at 3am. Probably best to display a taxi ad.

Okay, this was a highly unlikely scenario – not because I wouldn’t upload images of my drinking habit (Guilty!), rather because taxi ads are extremely rare, but you get the picture. The advertiser (in this case, the taxi company or the firm representing the taxi company) is much more likely to run the ad with a company known to deliver to just that vulnerable crowd, thus cutting costs by not displaying the ad to people outside the target group. (Here, the vulnerable crowd or target group is the unfit-to-drive me.)

All fictional content aside, knowing exactly with whom you are dealing is the KEY to success for marketing companies. This information is extremely costly and often times, reliable, highly accurate location data is hard to obtain. The people in the marketing departments of Facebook think that the data behind the actual images of Instagram users is worth all the uproar it created thus far and can be of extremely high value to the advertisers, thus pulling Facebook stock out of the deep, deep valley it found itself in.

That’s my (hopefully mostly unbiased, business-professional) take on Instagram’s new ToS. Like it or not, it was a logical step for them to take from a business standpoint. I can’t help but think that Google had similar thoughts when acquiring Snapseed a while back. This, however, doesn’t mean I like it from a personal or ethical standpoint. Twitter just announced adding a filter collection to its app and so did resurrected flickr a while back. Places that will pull the crowds away from Instagram’s some 100 million user base. For me, time will tell if I stick with Instagram and see my images in hemorrhoid ads or pitch my filter tent elsewhere — starting January 16, 2013.

Tomorrow, I will be hand-delivering my best images of 2012, so check back and let me know what you think about the new Instagram Terms of Service in the comments.


AddendumDecember 19, 2012

After the gigantic avalanche of posts that was set loose and the massive media uproar, co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, tried to calm the waves with the following blog post: Thank You and We’re Listening, in which he explains that selling the actual images to advertisers has never been the intention of the new Terms of Service and that an updated version will be released soon that will address the unclear points.

“Instagram users own their content and Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos.”

Systrom further explains that Instagram has been set up as a self-sustainable business, which means its ultimate goal is to make money (and which to me, is totally fine), and that some forms of “innovative advertisement” were to be tested in order to make it out of the ditch. (Instagram hasn’t run any sort of in-app advertisement in its years of operation and I understand they are at a point they can’t possibly avoid monetizing the 100 million user base and their content, to some degree.)

“Our main goal is to avoid things like advertising banners you see in other apps that would hurt the Instagram user experience. Instead, we want to create meaningful ways to help you discover new and interesting accounts and content while building a self-sustaining business at the same time.”