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The Beat Goes On




I am happy the website is finally running. If you find a bug, please feel free to drop me a short note via the contact form on the website, twitter, facebook, etc. With all the browser versions today there might be one or the other design flaw in there. Especially in MS’s Internet Explorer. Therefore, please consider using Mozilla Firefox as your browser as this site is best viewed on Firefox with Javascript enabled. 😉

So, yesterday, I was out for some portraits for the about site. I ended up at a spot called Hirtstein with weird hexagonal basaltic rock formations which made the whole picture-taking quite interesting to say the least. Composing, setting self-timer, running to the planned spot without falling and hitting your head open at one of the sharp rocks and then standing there without moving for several seconds … all of these actions can be quite difficult at their own but doing them in this rather complex sequence, it proofed to be extra hard. I am happy with the outcome though and till I find myself surrounded by beautiful carved snow drifts I will leave it at that.

Until then.






Hey folks,

welcome to my blog and website. I try to keep this short and sweet. At all times! Duh. Who knows me very well, is probably laughing his or her ass off but anyway, this is where I will post some background information about journeys, places, photos and also announce future trips, workshops (if anyone is interested) and so on. The place where I rant and rave and the place where I might put one or the other Photoshop tip and processing technique up.

That was pretty much the start-up.

See ya soon fellow light catchers!