Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Atención: It’s Holiday Shopping Season

Hola a todos and welcome to a shameless plug.

Earlier this year I came across a lovely surprise. I was contacted by the well-known architectural painter Salvatore Ventura of the company Ziti (zee’-tee) Cards which is providing tasteful cards for companies and individuals seeking for the lasting impression and one of my shots of the winter 2008/09 was selected by Salvatore to make it into the holiday card stock display for the season of 09/10. Yay! I am extremely happy to announce that you can get the card NOW. I feel honored to be right in a row with Ivan Makarov and Kevin McNeal whose work has always been a huge inspiration.

To view the card in all her glory and to get more information on how to order, please follow the link by clicking on the picture below.

Here is the original shot which needed a little rework to meet the highest standards for print and the ultimate winter experience:

+ fly_me_to_the_moon :: hdr

Until the next time, happy shooting!


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