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Black January Sale – Up to 25% Off




First off, happy New Year everyone.

May it be filled with nothing but the best!

To celebrate the beginning of the new year, I’ll have a #blackjanuarysale on prints, canvas gallery wraps and framed prints, running from today till January 31st, 2013. (Wow, that was hard to type.)


The best part is, while the name — a play on the Black Friday sales event before Thanksgiving — might suggest otherwise, this sale is not limited to black and white images. The full range of color prints is at least 20% off, framed 15% off.

But wait, didn’t you say up to 25% off? Yes, that’s right. Share the following text via Twitter or share my posts on Facebook and/or Google+, send me a link to your share or a screenshot in an email and you’ll get an additional 5% off.

Text to tweet:

Save up to 25% on prints from David Richter Photography. Infos here: #blackjanuarysale via richter_photo

Even if you don’t have any wall space available right now, I’d appreciate it if you would retweet or share this post with your friends. I’m offering virtual high-fives and a shout-out on twitter for your efforts. 😉

Also, tomorrow I’ll have all images from 2012 that I processed so far added to the galleries. So if you’ve seen an image on 500px or flickr TODAY that you’d like as a print, no problem. They are equally available. Any questions about the sale? Drop me a line at sale (at) davidrichterphotography (dot) com or leave a comment below.


Plus One Collection Print Sale




Some great news to share today.

Ivan Makarov, a great photographer from the Bay area and avid Google+ user, recently spread the idea of creating a book for charity. The odds were discussed in various hang-outs and posts and 520 photographers from around the globe contributed images to this great project, showing the influence, value and overall great community aspects of the social media world. The Plus One Collection was born.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, countless hours of work by Ivan and 15 other volunteers working on this project and the Limited Edition of the Plus One Collection is available for order online at

193 images made their way into the final print version and I’m more than happy to announce that my image “Granite Reflections” is amongst the ones selected. Grab your limited edition till Feb-20-2012! Remember, all net profit will be donated to the charity Kiva! (Standard edition book, e-book and app will be out soon, too.)

Granite Reflections, Yosemite

That being said, I’d like to announce a special print sale of my Yosemite National Park images, “Granite Reflections” (the one in the book) and “High Sierra Santuary”. All orders 8×12 and larger will receive 25% off. The discount runs till Feb-21-2012. Contact me directly at david (at) davidrichterphotography (dot) com to discuss your options. The discount is good for all options, print only, framed prints, canvas and metal.

A great opportunity to save some cash for the Plus One Collection book! 😉

High Sierra Sanctuary, Yosemite

Prices for Yosemite images, print only.

8 x 12 (Regular: $60) NOW $45
12x 18 (Regular: $100) NOW $75
16x 24 (Regular: $160) NOW $120
20x 30 (Regular: $220) NOW ONLY $165!!!

All other images are currently 10% off from the regular pricing until the point the shopping cart system is up and running. Now it’s the time to grab ’em!

Happy V Day, by the way!