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More Pyrenean Goodies




It’s two years already since I’ve last visited the beautiful rugged peaks of the Pyrenees; a mountain range on the border of Spain and France, covering 305 miles (491km) from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. Proud (tongue-in-cheek) to announce that today, I am able to publish two new images of the Gran d’Amitges area of the Aigüestortes National Park.

Kiss Goodnight

Buy Prints or License Kiss GoodnightAigüestortes NP, Pyrenees, Spain

Both images catch the magical light show after the daily hailstorm accompanied by lightning and heavy gusts and boast some integral elements I always wanted to capture. Ice melting on a high alpine lake and wildflowers blooming on the mountain slopes. In this case, ‘Neret’, the Catalan word for the rusty-leaved alpenrose – ‘rhododendron ferrugineum’.

Nightfall Neret

Nightfall Neret - Purchase Print or LicenseAigüestortes NP, Pyrenees, Spain

There’s just something magical about mountain peaks reflecting in a pool of water, don’t you think?

Black January Sale – Up to 25% Off




First off, happy New Year everyone.

May it be filled with nothing but the best!

To celebrate the beginning of the new year, I’ll have a #blackjanuarysale on prints, canvas gallery wraps and framed prints, running from today till January 31st, 2013. (Wow, that was hard to type.)


The best part is, while the name — a play on the Black Friday sales event before Thanksgiving — might suggest otherwise, this sale is not limited to black and white images. The full range of color prints is at least 20% off, framed 15% off.

But wait, didn’t you say up to 25% off? Yes, that’s right. Share the following text via Twitter or share my posts on Facebook and/or Google+, send me a link to your share or a screenshot in an email and you’ll get an additional 5% off.

Text to tweet:

Save up to 25% on prints from David Richter Photography. Infos here: #blackjanuarysale via richter_photo

Even if you don’t have any wall space available right now, I’d appreciate it if you would retweet or share this post with your friends. I’m offering virtual high-fives and a shout-out on twitter for your efforts. 😉

Also, tomorrow I’ll have all images from 2012 that I processed so far added to the galleries. So if you’ve seen an image on 500px or flickr TODAY that you’d like as a print, no problem. They are equally available. Any questions about the sale? Drop me a line at sale (at) davidrichterphotography (dot) com or leave a comment below.


“Element of Life” Calender 2013




I have been very busy these last few weeks, making photographs of the amazing display of fall colors this year here in Germany. Unlike last year, I have been able to toss together a wall calender for the upcoming year – yes, I know, it’s hard to believe Christmas is only a mere 2 months away. Rather than randomly selecting images of my work, I went ahead and gathered 12 frames around the general theme of “Water”, hence the title of the calender: “Element of Life”.

Sample Granite Reflections Sample Firestorm

It has a bit of everything for the H2O aficionado. High alpine lakes, waterfalls, coastlines in the US and Italy, old sheds in front of the Karwendel massif in Bavaria, Germany and more. Above you’ll find two sample spreads of some of my best selling images included in this calender and below, a selection of all 12 photographs in the calender.

Selection of images

The wall calender is approximately 11.7 x 16.5 inches and printed on 200gsm paper with a satin finish. I decided to make it available through Red Bubble, which has experience in calender printing for many, many years and is known for its high-quality service and beautiful printed products. I prefer to go this route, rather than printing and shipping the calenders myself; as I want to make sure this calender’s turnaround time is low, making it ship timely, all while keeping shipping costs low.

That said, it is available through Red Bubble for $29.90 or 22.99 Euro, respectively.

Besides making a perfect wall decoration for your home or the bland walls of your office, this calender would also make a great Holiday gift for your friends who might enjoy hiking, fishing, camping or maybe just honor skillfully crafted photography. 😉 Your turn!

(A last side note, new images will be released soon.)

Mosquito Madness




Me and my promises… Sorry it has taken me so long again to update the blog. On the only two day break between the exams, I’ll escape the homogeneity of controlling, financial analysis and marketing to add some new images on here.

Since I was bitten by the photography bug, I’ve been attracted to wildflower images. Living in the mountains, one would think there are plenty of them to find. Well, between the fireweed which basically grows everywhere and sparse buttercups there aren’t many and I’ve always been drawn to images of the Rowena Crest near Portland, Oregon, where every spring fields of balsamroots and lupines burst into bloom.

“Glowing Lupines”
Glowing Lupines

So it was about time to find me some lupines. My own batch of glorious, flowering lupines.

Being tied up with mostly university related work, finding the right moment with all elements cooperating wasn’t easy but after missing out on some great sunsets earlier in the week which I admired from the safety of my desk, I was ready to fight endless hordes of mosquitoes and other biting critters which were all over me like nazguls over the fellowship of the ring.

Despite the ongoing battle I was able to pull off a few frames which I really liked. Fortunately, the lupines were at their peak of blooming before being squashed by heavy rains and hail later in the week. To put the shooting over the top, the sky cooperated also and provided a stunning warm atmosphere.

“Meadow of Dreams”
Glowing Lupines

For print and licensing requests, please contact me through my website form.
Thanks and catch y’all on the flip side.


A Landscape Photographer’s Approach to Food Photography




Hello and welcome to a new tale of truly yours. For those who were wondering, I am still alive and I even got out shooting some spring greens over the last few weeks. Spare time to post some extended reports on here was rare though and I’d like to apologize for that. I hope to make it up with some mouth-watering shots straight from hell’s my kitchen.

Some of you might wonder what’s the deal with me shooting food now. To cut the long story short, when the landscape and sky are rather dull, and quite frankly, they were pretty much all time this year, it’s great to have something to shoot in or around the house. While spring flowers like tulips and ranunculus have there fixed position in my yearly things to do in spring list, it’s always nice to venture out into a new field of photography. May it be the challenge of some sort, with its own limitations and a way to broaden one’s horizon or simply the fact to learn a new technique for a certain style of shooting which you can adapt to other fields of photography.

Fennel Orange Salad
Fennel Orange Salad with cucumber, red onion and pear.

For me, it was kind of both. While cooking is nothing new to me, cooking for photos certainly is. I am not a professional food stylist my any means nor do I spill a gallon of motor oil over the salad to make it look, well, tasty. It’s rather the fact how you put the food on the plate. When cooking for friends, I take great care about how the food looks on the table. While you might think that is nothing different for photos, you err. Making food look good on the plate alone is one thing, making it look good in the photos you take is a different kettle of fish.

Barrio del Sur Burger
Beef, lettuce hearts, ripe mango, red onion rings, Parmesan cheese and mango garlic mayo between sesame and black cumin seed bun.

I am sure some professional food stylists and photographers will laugh at my approach but what do I care? Being a landscape photographer at heart, I tried to bring the basic principles of composition onto the plate, all spiced up by some high key treatment. These concepts, of course, are leading lines, some kind of foreground element that pulls the viewer into the scene and the rule of thirds. You can find these concepts perfectly illustrated and adapted to landscape photography in the article “Understanding Composition” at the Aperture Academy website which I highly recommend.

Semolina pudding with sauteed strawberries

That being said, I hope you feel somewhat satiated and remember to try something new and challenging when the light isn’t just right and if you like, share your experiments here on the blog.

I’ll be back with flowers and waterfall pictures next week. Please excuse me while I plan my 3 month US trip this summer. California watch out! LOL


P.S. I also played around with the new possibilities of CSS3 and jQuery to add to my website later. Head over to the new and improved contact form and let me know what you think. It features my take at the iPhone unlock slider, which ironically doesn’t work on the iPhone itself yet but I am working on it.